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HELP! Me with my Float! 🛟

It’s Pat & Tommy to the rescue! Just in case you don’t want to talk to us, here are some of the most common questions we are asked everyday.

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Orders 📦 Shipping📦 Logistics 📦

You got questions. We got answers. We got resolutions. We got it ALLLLL.

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Float Factory Returns

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Yeah we would want to partner with us too if we were you. Well you’re in luck, we just might be into you too. Find out how we can make us a “thing” below.

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Product Specifications🔎

Website wasn’t enough? Socials not enough? Will an entire FAQ dedicated to products be enough? You tell us. The entire tome of product information is your’s to keep below.

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Yeah, you don’t want to mess with us, our dad’s an attorney. We also might have more patents and trademarks than Tesla and Microsoft combined because we are so technologically advanced. All things for you law dawgs are below.

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